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[Problem] Buttons press leads to 2 clicks or none


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I recently got my Flirc and have programmed it using using the software v1.3.6I'm using it on XBMC for my Ouya but the problem is that every time I press a button it either acts like I've pressed it twice or it doesn't respond to the press.

It's almost impossible to use. It seems like the keys are too sensitive?

I have tried reprogramming keys and made sure I have a direct line of sight but I've still got the problem. This is the remote I am using Mag 254 Remote

I've heard that you should try recording each button press twice but after I've recorded it once, it brings up a message saying "Button already exists. 'cancel' 'redo'

Could someone please help?

Thank you

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Just found this article and it has helped a bit more with delaying button presses.

It seems like the problem is that the flirc is too sensitive and is sending multiple button presses instead of just one.


I have set Inter-Key Delay to 0 but is there anyway to make it less than that, for example -2? (I know that sounds a bit stupid)

Article image below:


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Thanks, I just tried this and it has slowed the button presses down a lot.

Problem is, it's a bit too slow now so if I press the button to go back and then press it to go back again it won't register because of the delayed input.

I'll have to keep fiddling with settings.

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