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[One For All] buffering button pushes? Help!


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I have a One For All URC-7960, which is a universal remote control. For XBMC I use flirc and configure the One For All to be a SONY RMT-D248P DVD player remote. i.e. the One For All remote is emulating a Sony DVD remote.

My problem is that when I push the a button down three times, e.g. to move three places lower in a list, it moves one place down, pauses for half a second and then whizzes down six or seven places. It acts like I've held down the button. I want it to respond to individual button pushes. Anyone else seen this? Suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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No. Not especially. Maybe four button pushes in a second.

I have two xbmc setups: both use the same remote; both exhibit the same problem. Would it be worth trying a different remote and/or a different remote configuration for the One For All? Is it something you've heard of before?

BTW Jason, excellent idea well implemented.

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I have their other model.

Had similar problem with few codes until found one thar works just fine. I did not write down which code I use now -sorry, will try to

find it this weekend.

I tried many uni remotes over past few years - to control my equipment and to use with my winlirc receiver which I had at the time,

What I have learned from that is that some codes work better then others, one of examples (from uni remote i had untill i bought one for alll)

is that i could not find code to work 100% whit my TV - most keys work ok, but menu was to fast and most times i would press menu button,

menu would just flash on screen - not stay there.

So bottom line - i am shore that you have a code which will work just fine, you just need to find it, my suggestion to you is to program just minimal

remote setup until you find one with which you are satisfied. Then program whole remote.

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Thank you.

Okay. I tried a bunch of them tonight. Maybe 30. I want XBMC to be on DVD so I'm trying to use DVD Recorder remotes. I've found few that support the coloured buttons and even fewer that have the pop-up button.

Any suggestions welcome! I'll keep trying...

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seems like the MC codes and the microsoft ones utilise all the buttons, but some some really annoying reason I have to hit the keys 2-3 times for them to respond. Is there a fix?

Probably as each of the 2 - 3 button presses sends out different packets. You can try recording each one:

(tip is right at the bottom)

Sorry I can't be more helpful for your particular remote


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