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  1. Hi man, sorry for late replay... The remote has easy learning function so you could just manually program the keys you need - it should be less then 10 min job :) Regards
  2. @cposada You are quite right. FIrst of all sorry if I sounded harsh, getting my thoughts out in Eng is quite challenging for me. Second of all lack of info was the reason Chris and I started this thread. That being said, If you need my help just PM me :) Once more, do accept my apologies. XBMC is open source an as such it is entirely depended on good will of people to write wiki pages and it does fall short in that regard sometimes. @outatouch0 You are welcome I guess they think if you go to those pages you will know how to use info you get there, It can be nightmare. Chris and I spent months trying to get info on kbd repeat rate before getting any info on that mater.
  3. XBMC has pretty unified logic throug whole setup. in this case if you add new config file it is to customize a part of xbmc, not all settings in that part of XBMC (it is same with "advancedsettings.xml") There is also a new addon to do this directly from xbmc, to make it more simple for people to use. If you want ot write "how to" you need to be aware that not all people will be able to use it, but only people with keyboards and flirc, if you use "standard" IR receiver things are different.
  4. Well it is all here... :) in my custom setting: Letter "c" in full screen video, you can choose what ever suites you. It is built in fuction to call script within xbmc, in my case I am calling "script.xbmc.subtitles" So if you would want just this in your kbd file it would be: Just replace "C" with what ever you want :) Have a nice flicing :)
  5. I think you are way off... Xbmcbuntu has striped down, and a bit modified ubuntu underneath XBMC, you can log to terminal and I think there is a desktop environment. Yes keyboard is "hardcoded" to xbmc, but key-presses should go through to system it self - it is logical :) XBMC only uses ones it can understand (by defoult or ones configured in keyboard.xml) "Keymap.xml" is for XBMC only it has no influence to OS (windowws, linux or any other) Here is link how to start script using keyboard shortcut But I am not sure waht you want to do? You can not run script without waking xbmc, if xbmc is a sleep so is the system. Could you provide more info pls. What kind of script do you want to run? thx
  6. I guess you are on Windows, perhaps use something else for remote desktop - like teamviewer
  7. why would you wont /need to do such a thing? It would be virtually impossible to to, every key has it's own code.
  8. 1. check is flirc working on other system 2. check is it working with xbmc on other system ( if 1. is yes then this should be also) 3. set in xbmc "my remote sends keypress
  9. I have been using my flirc with minimal for almost a year now, happy as a baby with candy. :) You should program flirc on some other machine whre you have desktop enviroment and just plug it into xbmc machine, it should work. Maybe your USB port is not working, or not working after sleep if you are using that, you should try and plug usb KB in that port to see if KB will work OK. BTW it is not probable that you have XBMC 11 after installing with that script, if you have not changed anything you are on Gotham Nightly.
  10. Thank you for your inmput, but I think that won't help here. We would like flirc to send signal to system in slower rate when you press and hold down one key, not when you are taping it. I will check it out when i get home.
  11. @ Budwyzer, first of all thank you for your kin words. Second, I know if flirc handles input rate it will be ok, but as you say big question here is how much of signal flooding flic can withstand. We should await "arrival of creator him self" to here/ see what he thinks of this.
  12. So Chris! here we meet again :) Thank you for your support. One thing I forgot to write is that xset r rate [delay] [rate] also does not work. So only alternative option would be to capture input before XBMC captures it and try to reduce input speed there. For this to work one would need to know exact point where XBMC captures input , but if it is captured at "beginning" of system it would be virtually impossible to do anything. I really think this would be a nice feature to have.
  13. Hi guys :) Yes I know this has been discussed before, yes i know that keyboard repeat rate is controlled by OS but.... Currently I am running XBMC on top of Ubuntu minimal, before that it was XBMCbuntu and before that Openelec. What ever I tried it never worked, I would enter needed commands but nothing changed spped of keyboard and flirc was always same. Back when I was on XBMCbuntu I learned that keyboard repeat rate was "hardwired" inside XBMC - but i did not quite understand what it meant. I always used SSH to log into my XBMC machine and change setting from remote computer and that is way I did not understand what was happening. So to "problem". On my MBMC minimal I switch to terminal window and enter: sudo kbdrrate -r 2 -d 150 and keyboard in terminal really slows down, but if I switch back to XBMC nothing has append...speed is always the same. My conclusion is that signal is picked up by xbmc before OS can slow it down so it has no effect. :( Why I think it would be good? There are a lot of people using Openelec, XBMCbuntu and minimal (not sure how this looks on OSX and WIN OS) and lot of people use cheap remotes (like my self) which have no trannsmiter speed contol... My suggestion? _________________________________________________________________________________________ Would it be possible to implement some kind of script/ program /subroutine ...something inside flirc programming that would count number of continuous input signals and then forward every second or third to system? Sorry for my rubbish English :)
  14. Hi stony, your setting is incorrect, it should be something like... although I am not 100% sure abut "back" part <keymap> <fullscreenvideo> <keyboard> <back>info</back> </keyboard> </fullscreenvideo> </keymap> Check post in my sig you will find lot of info abut customizing keyboard + keymapedit which is developed by xbmc team to easily edit keyboard settings. hope this helps... btw. no need to ad remote section as system sees flirc as standard usb keyboard
  15. Hi eug7 :) when i was running my xbmc on top of win i liked using Eg because it is light, easy to configure and it has tons of options you can use.... If your play/pause is detected as keyboard press (and it should be as you are using flirc) it can be dun easily 1. activate pluginn: keyboard (configuration > add plugin > remote receiver >keyboard) make shure it is under autostart on right pane of EG. - now EG will detect all keyboard presses in system. 2. go to configuration > add macro > system > start aplication 3. new window will pop up find your executable (uper line), working directory is one that contains exe of your app (executable > d:\progs\plex\plex.exe working dir >d:\progs\plex\ ) 4. you can chose process priority if you need and set full window if needed... 5. now you have macro on right pane, press key on your remote you want to use to launch your exe 6. take that key press (event on left pane) and just drag it to your macro. So your macro should have that little wheel, app to start (lightning icon) and app to launch (black icon) That should be it :)
  16. If it is working in OS it will work with XBMC 100%. Enjoy your flircing! :)
  17. burke


    well not really sure what is the problem, sorry my English is not best :/. I do not use many key combos,but flirc should handle them just fine. I think what you need to do first is configure your remote to work with mc7. Keyboard input in XBMC is as flexible as possible - you can assign any key to any function. And in addition as member said you can use eventghost on windows - it is light, fast and has lots of options. I even used it to keep my XBMC in focus - when I had problems with startup programs stealing focus on my win 7 machine. Regards burke
  18. @ ariflirc Thank you for your post - I almost started panicking when I switched from xbmcbuntu with older kernel to minimal 12.10. I had a bit different experience with my system which is based on Zotac H55 board. Using flirc on win7, openelec and xbmcbuntu I never had need to upgrade from v1 fw. When I switched to minimal 12.10 all of the sudden wake did not work. After finding your post I made new udev rule and it all seemed to work, but.. If I used any other fw accept v1 my flirc would wake system on any remote activity in living room and it would not be present in my system until I would plug it into diferent usb. It would be ok if i wake my system with "wake command" but that was impossible ‚Äčto achieve. If i used fw 1 with your udev rule i could wake system with any key on remote (like on other systems I used before) but flirc was again not present on my system after resume. Resolution was to use v1 fw, so my system would not wake on any remote activity and to make a resume script that will reset USB port with flirc after resume. sudo nano /etc/pm/sleep.d/20_flirc_resume case "${1}" in hibernate|suspend) # Switch USB buses off echo -n "0000:00:1d.7" | tee /sys/bus/pci/drivers/ehci_hcd/unbind ;; resume|thaw) # Switch USB buses on echo -n "0000:00:1d.7" | tee /sys/bus/pci/drivers/ehci_hcd/bind ;; esac Note: this is copy of my script it will need to be changed to work on different system. If anyone needs more info pls just ask :) Regards burke
  19. Hi comatose1978, welcome to flirc foforums. Don't have Android my self so I am not 100% but flirc is HID to system, so if Android OS supports HID devices, which I think it does I see no reason why not. As far as programming flirc - you can program it on a nother machine ( not shore that there is an Android Ap for progrmaing) win, osx, linux. Complete config is saved to flirc dongle so you just plug it from lets say your friens laptop with win 7 to your Android box and it will work. If I am wrong somebody will surely correct me.
  20. @ hhbernd, can you wake your box using usb keyboard?
  21. Hi Chris, Thank you anyway :) I seem to have made some progress. I disabled Legacy USB support in BIOS - USB 2.0 Controler mode - BIOS AHCI Hand-off - Legacy USB1.1 HC Support After that flirc is sometimes active after resume. :) Further more i found how to unbind and bind back usb ports (did found one like that before but it had typos so it did not work correctly, I did not notice that because I do not have sufficient Linux knowledge) I found resume script that I am "moding" to my system and will test it for few days and get back with results. All I can say it looks promising (did just one test so far though). I woke my system with flirc and it was not present, but after entering: echo -n "0000:00:1d.0" | tee /sys/bus/pci/drivers/uhci_hcd/unbind echo -n "0000:00:1d.1" | tee /sys/bus/pci/drivers/uhci_hcd/unbind echo -n "0000:00:1d.2" | tee /sys/bus/pci/drivers/uhci_hcd/unbind echo -n "0000:00:1d.0" | tee /sys/bus/pci/drivers/uhci_hcd/bind echo -n "0000:00:1d.1" | tee /sys/bus/pci/drivers/uhci_hcd/bind echo -n "0000:00:1d.2" | tee /sys/bus/pci/drivers/uhci_hcd/bind Flirc was present and working 10/10. :)
  22. I made new thread on XBMC forum with more details. Here is link to it, maybe it can help out . Any idea is welcome.
  23. Hi guys, I know there are opened topics on similar problems but somehow i feel mine is a bit different. My understanding of technical stuff and English is limited to basics so if i miss understand something please just point me to solution. Forgive me if this is a bit long to read but I feel that explaining in more details is crucial for finding good solution. I got my flirc almost a year ago, bought it to control my XBMC machine. I used fw 1. My Hw ( which can be relevant) is Zotac H55 ie + i3 500. Remote is Oneforall ES4 First I used it with Win7 - no problems sleep/wake worked 10+ (any button would wake system). I suffered problems with win drivers and hw acceleration so i moved from Win7. Then i used it on Openelec system (beta 2) no problems there either 10+ (any button would wake system). Openelec has some problems with addons i use so i had to move once again... XBMCbuntu 11.0 - no problems 10+ (any button would wake system). XBMCbuntu has no ability to change speed of keyboard and using remote was a problem (vol + / - , sub delay and different functions are to hard to control ) it just does not feel right. Then I stumbled on this on XBMC forum "HOW-TO: Automated efficient (dedicated) XBMC installation on Ubuntu minimal 12.10". This was great in terms of boot time, remote feel and whole XBMC experience. But this was the firs time a had problems with wake. I quickly found this topic on flirc forum: After reading i checked my setting and just made new udev rule. Flashed my fw to ver 6 and tried it out - worked like a charm but.... If i use ver 6 my flirc will wake my machine on any remote signal - from tv, sat or amp remote :( Even bigger problem was that when woken from other signals, aside from "wake command" flirc is not present on system until it is plugged to a different port. After that I reverted back to fw ver1, with udev rule still in place I am able to wake my system using remote, but after that flirc is not present in system (until it is plugged to a different port). I found a program to reset usb but it does not work cause system does not see a device present to reset. I did ask abut this in thread on xbmc forum and opened a topic on ask ubuntu forum but I got no answer to this day :( I can't imagine this to be a flirc problem - cause it worked just fine on older versions of linux, but i am unable to solve this one on my own. Hopefully someone here can help me out. If you need more info just tell my what you need, i do not know almost anything abut linux so do not know where to start. Thank you. Burke
  24. In all versions of XBMC i tried out, you never put your keyboard.xml to system folders but to user folders where ever they might be.
  25. @ jason :) no problem, that is why we are here - to give and get help @BaggaDonuts - some feedback would be nice ;)
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