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I've recently built a new system which includes the Streacom Flirc-SE - I was hoping to use this device to power the system on. When purchasing my motherboard I made sure that it supported "Always On USB", unfortunately it seems the product page on the manufacturers website is basically identical for all their boards and mine it seems does not support this feature.

Are there any workarounds I could use to supply the device with power?


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check out the attached. Basically, take the cable included, remove the 5V one and don't have it go to the jumper on the motherboard (that has the USB and supply), and bring the 5V supply from somewhere else in the system. (make sure it's from the motherboard).

Does that make a bit of sense?

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 4.10.32 PM.png

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Ah right I see - I've reviewed the manual for my motherboard and there is indeed another 5v line tied to the TPM module pinout - is that likely to work? 

I'll give it a go tomorrow and see, but failing that if I were to get the 5v from the PSU would that be enough to actually start the PSU in the first place? I appreciate this is probably a stupid question but isn't the reason SATA hard drives (and subsequently the 5v line) don't continue to spin, because they aren't getting power in S5?

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Just a heads up, the jumpers that come with the streacom, you can remove the motherboard side with a tweezers. Take a look at it, there is exposed metal in the plastic. Pushit it in and the connector should come out, so you don't need to build a cable or cut it.

Good question regarding the sata, I'm not sure. Let me try and figure it out.


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There's a pin on the ATX connector that always has 5v available no matter what the power state is. It is required for proper ATX operation (turning on the board by power switch and always powered ports like USB on some motherboards).


As you can see it's the pink/violet colored pin named +5VSB (SB means stand by).

There should only be a single ground in the whole system. You can take the ground connection from the ATX connector directly or you can leave it connected to USB header on the board.

You can also look for some options in the BIOS as sometimes the USB power in S5 state is software controlled.

SATA is not powered in power down state for sure. The only 100% sure source of power in this state is the +5VSB in the ATX connector.

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