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How to Shutdown from Windows


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Is it possible to get the Flirc to shutdown WIndows/ PC when pressing my remote 'off' button?

I have set the WIndows power options to shutdown and not sleep when the power button is pressed, and have tested this by manually pressing the button. 

When I use the remote and Flirc the machine just goes to sleep and does not do a full shutdown.  I have tried using the Flirc GUI and selecting the Boxee power button and assigning it to my remotes power button, but it just sleeps.



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Just to confirm, I have tried in the Command Prompt 'flirc_util.exe record power', upon receiving message 'Successfully recorded button' back, I press the recorded button and the machine does nothing :-(

I don't understand where or why it's not working.

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I don't believe usb devices can shut down machines. I believe suspend is the best bet. However, you can get a hot script to run on a keyboard combination which shuts down the machine, and then assign that keyboard combination to a remote control button.

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I've the same Problem. I mapped a Shutdown Shortcut (shutdown.exe /p) to STRG+ALT+S and mapped these Combination to Flirc Full Keyboard and a Button on my remote.

On setting these Button in the Flirc software, the PC shuts down immediately! BUT on another boot and then i press the shutdown button on the remote - nothing happens!




Thanks ,


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