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Connected with GUI but nothing works with KODI


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I installed a FLIRC with firmware 3.6 and GUI 1.3.6.  The GUI connects with the FLIRC and is able to record commands from my Harmony remote.  Once I exit the GUI and load KODI, it does not work at all.  I have the FLIRC KODI profile loaded on the remote.  If I go back to the GUI, it connects and records commands but no go in KODI.  


I am running Windows 7, KODI 14.0 and 14.2.  I have tried the FLIRC in a couple different usb ports and have rebooted the computer with no luck.


Any help would be appreciated.



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No, it does not work outside of Kodi.  I tried Notepad with no success.  It works fine with the GUI; I can record remote commands.  


I have tried uninstalling (through device manager) and reinstalling several times with no luck.  I also tried the procedure with Zadig.  I noticed that it lists flirc twice; once on Interface 0 and once on Interface 1.  If I uninstall via device manager, I can uninstall.  But when I reinstall, I always get two that show up.  Not sure if this is typical or not.


 One observation I will make is that the GUI always defaults to the Minimalist Controller.  Is it supposed to work that way if I select the KODI controller?



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GUI always defaults to the Minimalist Controller because there is no info on the Flirc about the controller. Only key codes and remote signal hashes are stored on the Flirc.


I think that you're affected by a strange bug that Windows recognizes Flirc as a HID keyboard device but doesn't register HID keyboard filter properly. I've also had this problem before and it's gone after system reinstall. For me it affected only specific USB ports so some of them did work but some didn't. I haven't found any solution besides switching USB port and system reinstall in the end. But I'm not a Windows drivers expert so maybe there is some other solution to this. If you have a possibility to test Flirc operation on either different OS or PC then please just plug it in and don't install the Flirc software. It should send the keys you already have recorded.


About the two interfaces it is OK. Flirc presents itself as two devices: one is an USB HID keyboard and the second one is used for device programming.

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