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Mapping FUNCTIONS to keypress

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Is there a way to map XBMC functions to keypresses?

The specific function I'm wanting is UpdateLibrary(database,[path]) ...

I would like to press a key on my remote (and have FLIRC see it) and have the XBMC Library update itself for new content.

This particular function does not have a pre-defined keyboard key.


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Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but I was looking for something else and found this, and wanted to say that this is actually REALLY easy to do. From your userdata folder, go to keymaps/keyboard.xml (create the file if you don't already have it there, and add the update function to any key that isn't already used by XBMC. In my map below, I have my video library updated using the U key, and then I mapped U to the remote button for updating the video library using the flirc software. In my map, ctrl_U does the music library.




	  <h mod="ctrl">ActivateWindow(Home)</h>





	  <u mod="ctrl">UpdateLibrary(music)</u>




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