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USB extension cable length limitations?


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I have two XBMC installs to do which require the IR receiver be installed 22 - 32 feet away from each PC. Is there any reason why FLIRC will not work with an active 32 foot (10 meter) USB 2.0 cable?

Specifically, I am looking at an active extension cable that is a basically a bus powered single port hub at the end of a 32 foot long run. (http://www.amazon.com/Plugable-Meter-Active-Extension-Female/dp/B004AGX4YO/)

How about if there were a powered hub attached to that? Any reason why this wouldn't work through a hub?


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Welcome to the forums mikewest,

It would work like any other USB device (from what I read on the reviews on the amazon product you linked to - as various other products worked).

For what it's worth my Flirc is on the end of a 2 meter USB extension (due to my unique abode 6 months of the year) also Flirc works fine in my Mac's USB (which is usually pretty rubbish at supplying power). Both work fine - leading me to believe you would be fine.

Pleasant regards


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I agree with Chris. This will definitely be fine. Flirc uses USB 1.1, there would be no advantage to use 2.0 in flirc. The difference between the two electrically, is speed.

The quality and integrity of the digital USB signal is directly effected by both the length (which results in more resistance), and the quality of the cable (impedance).

All that being said, USB 1.1 is much slower than 2.0, I'm comfortable in saying that standard extensions will all be fine given that the quality and length wont effect the signal at that USB 1.1 frequency.

Also, the extension chord that you showed is compliant for USB 2.0 speeds, which will definitely means there is excessive margin for the lower USB 1.1 speed.

Also, since that is an active cable, you don't have to worry about the cable itself. There is a small circuit in the cable which power steals from the USB power and does something called conditioning. It will clean the signal which gets 'dirty' from the cable before passing it to flirc.

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Got the same problem :( running a 30 foot long active usb 2.0 cable and flirc is not detected while connected to the end of it. I also have a powered usb hub that I usually use at the end of that same cable with a external dvd rom powered with 2 usb connection to the hub for power. It gets power fine through the hub so power is not an issue. Why is flirc not detected ???

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On a similar note. I use several of these (USB over Ethernet) extenders for various devices (several webcams, keyboards, and now a Flirc) and they work marvelously. The Flirc is hooked up to a 30' Cat-6 cable now, working great.


I know it's been a while, so you may not be here anymore.  Have you tried one of those extenders with a gamepad, like the Logitech F710?  Or anyone else tried it?

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