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I'm getting absolutely no response when setting up a new flirc through the gui. I've tried four remotes and so far have not been able to map a single key. GUI shows the flirc is connected and from what I have seen the setup should be pretty straight forward. I'm using it on a mac mini with osx 10.6.8 any help or tips would be appreciated.

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when you try to map a key, the GUI says, "press any key to pair with 'x',".

Do you mean you hit a remote control button and nothing is pairing?

Can you try a different remote? 

If the second remote doesn't work, let me know. We'll get you a replacement.

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Hi Chris, thanks for the response. Yes when the GUI asks me to pair with 'x' I press the remote button and nothing is happening. I've tried four remotes from different distances including a few inches away and from different angles. While searching for a solution I did come across someone saying their might be a bug with the gui running in osx 10.6.8. I'll try it on another pc today and let you know how I go. Thanks, Dave.

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