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Flirc + Xantech IR repeater


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Hello all, wondering if anyone has had any success getting Flirc to work with a Xantech IR repeater.  I have the ML85K model: http://www.amazon.com/XANTECH-ML85K-LCD-Friendly-Micro-Link/dp/B00K3AIZFE.


It works great with all my other devices, but given the variable mileage everyone seems to be getting with Flirc and various IR repeaters, thought I'd double-check.


Appreciate any real world experience or other info that anyone can share.  Thanks.

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so im kind of new to all of this.  I just bought a nvidia shield 16gb and it’s in a closet with all my other cable boxes.  I was trying to get the remote to work with an IR emitter from XANTECH which works perfectly with the cable boxes.  Wasn’t happening with the nvidia shield .  To my understating, I just ordered a flirc on Amazon.  I’m assuming it’s the latest model.  Can I plug the flirc into the nvidia shield usb and then stick the IR emitter on the flirc?  Will the remote then work for the nvidia shield?  Also, is there any kind of programming involved?

Thank you!

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