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FireTV success story - Harmony 880 and ProntoPro


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Noob Flirc user here, but have lots of experience with IR distribution and computer control / decoding / etc. My main IR processing system uses a Slink-e from Nirvis (well dead company) via Xantech compatible gear, and I use Harmony 880 remotes in 7 rooms + a ProntoPro (TSU7000) in my home theater.  The IR codes are a mix of oem codes for controlling normal gear, as well as some Xantech generic codes to control an Extron Matrix video switch.


Anyway - was looking for an option to control my ATV via IR and started with the Vista MCE remote recommended on lots of forums - the Ortek VRC-1100 and the IRX it comes with.  Worked OK for the most part, but when using the harmony remotes I had the double press issue seen by many for the nav keys.  I used the built-in Harmony codes and didn't learn any IR.  I was able to tune that out using the harmony software as described here for the rooms that have Harmony remotes.  I also had minor issues with the menu key - sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't


For the theater, I used one of the Harmony remotes to program the ProntoPro and immediately had the double click issue again.  I tried all kinds of settings, relearning codes, etc.  I decided to try Flirc to see if that could help.  For ease of setup, since I'd already programmed all 7 harmony remotes with the Ortek codes, I decided to try those codes.  Fired up the latest Flirc software I could find, updated the firmware, selected the FireTV profile and hit "Start".  When I was done, I went into advanced settings and enabled the garbage filter.  Powered off the FireTV and swapped over to the Flirc.


Worked right off - Harmony didn't have any double clicks (didn't think it would) and all keys worked fine.  Grabbed the Pronto and same story - the double presses were gone with no adjustments on the Pronto.


Happy camper and it didn't require hours of reprogramming remotes!

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