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Using Multiple Flirc Devices in the Same Room


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You also need to use an universal remote which can control multiple devices or have multiple remotes for different manufacturer or hardware type.


If you have a Harmony remote then you can't use Flirc/XBMC profile on all of them - you need to select a single Flirc you want to use that profile with and disable built-in profiles on others.

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Thanks so much for the quick responses!


I do, in fact, have a Harmony remote. Currently in my Harmony configuration, my Flirc is using the Panasonic TC-P65VT30 profile. Am I understanding you correctly that I'd need to set up my second Flirc using another profile (not the Panasonic)? 


I'm looking to use my Harmony remote to control two separate HTPCs, each with its own Flirc. 


Thanks again!

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