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Software doesn't Connect


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Desktop: Windows 7 64 bit, ASUS M5A99X EVO (if that's matter) - doesn't work on any USB port. Device Manager detect Flirc, GUI not.

If i click "Go" button I can't close application (but interface is responsive!).

Laptop: Windows 7 64bit,Lenovo W510 - Flirc GUI work, but i can set only Minimalist keyboard

Edit: On my Desktop @ Ubuntu 12.04 LTS everything working fine :)

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Hey Jason!

after 3 weeks (well..it was to UK! haha) just got my flirc and I too am getting no connection error as described above by tomick & papreston :-(

Desktop Windows 7 Pro 64 bit USB 2 ports - tried all - installed flirc 0.96 and flirc dongle shows in device manager.

Will try a Dell VIsta laptop thats around somewhere :-)

happy to test!

cheers bro


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I may need to update the libusb driver included in flirc, however, I'm not sure if the following suggestion will get you the latest, but it's worth a shot.

Make sure Flirc is closed.

Download a tool called zadig

The tool is official and part of the libusb development tree for windows.

You'll need a tool like 7zip to unzip the utility. When you run it, find the flirc device in the pull down, and make sure you click WinUSB from the second pull down. Then click Install/Reinstall Driver.

Try running flirc again.

You can see screen shots attached for reference. Let me know if you have any luck.



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Just curious, this is your motherboard's driver? Did it have drivers before or did you upgrade? How did you come about going to their website?

I'd like to pinpoint exactly what went wrong. I'm glad it's working now, thanks so much papreston.

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It's the "Dell Renesas USB 3.0 Host Controller". I'm not positive if it's a motherboard or USB driver. Yes, this was an upgrade.

Just wanted to see if they had any updates dealing with USB. Hope this helps.


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I really think that this issue is with USB 3.0 ports. As this is a pretty new standard, new silicon in PC's are going to crop up and issues will be revealed.

This is directly from the libusb website:

libusb 1.0 supports USB 3.0 controllers and devices on Windows, from 1.0.9 release onwards. Because of the large number of USB 3.0 controllers, the lack of official USB 3.0 support from Microsoft in Windows 7 and earlier as well as limited testing, be mindful that USB 3.0 support should be considered experimental. Also, if you are using a NEC/Renesas USB 3.0 controller, such as the fairly widespread uPD720200/uPD720200A, you please make sure that your controller drivers are
​version or later
. Older versions of the drivers have a bug that prevents access to USB devices when using libusb.

Flirc ships with libusb-1.0.8. This will definitely help us push towards a new release and update the included driver. Luckily, the libusb driver is only used to communicate with flirc to learn keys, however, once it does learn the keys, flirc should work on the USB 3.0 hardware without any issues since the part that is important is the USB HID keyboard.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks guys.

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