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Who has succesfully set a harmony up with a Flirc + Fire tv? Cause I need help!


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So quick run down on what im working with:


Harmony 1100

Fire TV + Flirc

Pioneer Receiver for surround.


So I received my flirc, at first had updating issues, but resolved them by following the support page.


So now after have it set up the Fire tv option in the GUI and messing with interdelay keys, i can not for the love of anything get this thing to work right. I have to double/triple press a the keys most of the time, the down key acts as an up key. I have messed with both the remotes interdelays and the flircs interdelays. I set up a microsoft MCE remote to learn from, but i just realized its been messing with my xbox 360 i have right above the firetv.


Does anyone recommend a different remote I can learn from? Im excite to have my remote be able to control it, but I need to  figure out these issues.


Ive tried searching on google and here for people with this issue, but there is no direct answer to this.


Thank you guys very much in advance for any help!

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I set up two Flircs using a TimeWarner DVR remote and actually learned the buttons.  Did the same thing with the Flircs--programmed all the FireTV remote commands first(except for FF and REW), then added all the XBMC "extras" using keyboard commands(e.g., FF, REW, Page UP, skip back 7 secs, Next Sub)   I had issues with multiple key presses wtih the first Flirc, but then saw a suggestion to NOT point the Harmony (or any remote for that matter) directly at the Flirc when assigning keys.  Computer's USB port is under my desk, I'd point Harmony at the wall over my desk and Violá, working like a champ.  I hope that helps.

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Opened the Flirc GUI, then plugged in Flirc, chose Controllers>Fire TV

Clicked Enter on GUI, pressed Enter (or OK button on remote), then repeated for up/down/left/right, etc.  All but the FF and REW.  My 650 has a nice button that corresponds to the Amazon's "Return", on my 720 I assigned it to "Exit."

Then I chose Controllers>Full Keyboard

Clicked "F" on GUI, pressed FF on remote, clicked "R" on GUI, pressed REW on remote, clicked "Page UP" on GUI, clicked up arrow on remote, "X" on GUI, Stop on remote, etc. 

Just make sure you don't use a remote button you've previously assigned to the FireTV commands for a keyboard command.  I know the Flirc is supposed to keep you from doing that, but it didn't always work for me. 

The FireTV's "return" button doesn't have the same effect in Kodi as the keyboard's  "ESC" or "backspace/delete" key, so  on the 650 I assigned the "exit" key to "ESC" (remember I had already assigned the physical return button on the Harmony to the Fire's return.


Does that help? 

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Really glad I was able to help.  I really think most of us that have suffered with the Harmony's horrible UI tend to overly complicate the Flirc set up because we can't believe anything can just work as easily as it should!  Wish I had a nickel for every time I unnecessarily saved my Flirc configuration during set up--a Harmony conditioned response!

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Today or tomorrow, I'm removing all the firetv threads and starting over.

First things first, use the firetv profile in the harmony software.


Mediacenter PC - Flirc - FireTV


Let me know if that helps.

THANKS A TON! This is all I needed to know, I was really stumped & couldn't find this answer anywhere. Everything works fine now thanks

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