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How do you record every button twice?


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Are you referring to this article?


For example, if you wanted to record the ok button on your remote twice:

  1. Press "ok" in the flirc gui, then press the enter button on your remote. The GUI should then say "button recorded" (or something similar)
  2. Then repeat step 1 again, the gui will say either "button recorded" again or "key already exists"
  3. Repeat step 1 once more and you should get "key already exists"


You will need to do this for each key that is being recorded twice.

By doing this we are telling flirc that the remote sends one of two signals for the same key press (e.g. ok), but we want flirc to respond the same.


Does this help?

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p.s. i've just updated the help article to clarify what we mean when we say record the same button twice. It wasn't clear before, thanks for pointing it out :)

Thank you.

I found the remote on Ebay. I will be spending some time analyzing this protocol to see if I can autodetect, and do the work on my device. Going to take a bit of time, each remote is different and is most likely going to not work for every MCE remote right away.

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Thanks to both, :)


I managed to figure out that I needed to record each button twice, I got confused because some buttons (e.g. power) give the message that the button already exists. Once you push "Redo" the application doesn't actually tells you if it did overwrite the previous entry and it remains in recording mode until another button to map is selected or Cancel on the dialog is clicked.

I'm actually not sure if the button is mapped one or two times in the end, I think some additional feeback message on the application would be useful for future versions.


Thanks for the help.



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