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I have installed the Flirc Interface on a linux Mint 17 KDE machine. The software seems  to have installed correctly, however there  are no drop down menus in the GUI. Is this an oversight, a bug, or intentional ? It is making the key programming process very tedious, as it is necessary to use the CLI to program for anything other than basic functions.

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hi Jason,

I was little premature with the Beta fix (Ver 3.3). Now I have a problem in that every time I start the GUI it wants to do a firmware update. Each time I start the GUI it indicates "Boot Loader detected" this is followed by "Firmware successfully upgraded". Then a "Firmware Upgrade Available" notice appears. If I choose yes to the upgrade, the message bar shows "Unsupported firmware try upgrading", dongle symbol shows disconnected. Advanced settings are all "greyed out". If I select "Yes" to upgrade, the GUI "drops out". However  if I restart the GUI several times and cycle through the update procedure it will finally behave normally. At this point when I check advanced settings, the "Force Update" button will not respond. Platform is Mint 17 KDE (64bit) Is there any way of recovering from here ? Is it possible to downgrade the firmware, and then reinstall the update ?



Gerry W.

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