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As much as I hate my first post being a question! Here goes.


I have had a couple of FLIRCs for many months and have been really happy with them, they are being used to get remote commands into a pair of Intel NUC boxes (The early ones without built in IR) to control XBMC under Openelec. They have been working perfectly for ages.


Recently we had some power issues at home and one of them stopped working, no response to any IR input. I pulled it and tried to reprogram it but I could not get it to connect to the programming software, the PC was not recognizing it. I had to re install the FLIRC software to get a driver that had the PC recognize it and even then, had to force a firmware upgrade to get it to behave. I re learned my keys and off it went, except that it no longer wakes the NUC from sleep. I followed the directions and learned a spare remote button as a wake key and enabled sleep detection and I can now wake it with that button press. The problem is that before the issues, any mapped button would wake the NUC up.


Is that a deliberate change in the firmware and can I revert to an earlier one? It is currently an acceptable work around but I preferred to have any button press wake it up than to have to use a specific button to do it.

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