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Is it possible to get a refund and return FLIRC?


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Hi all,


Bought FLIRC and got it yesterday. Unfortunately i couldn't configure it yesterday because i kept getting that keys were recorded successfully even though i didn't press any key in my remote. I thought it was probably bad configuration or something wrong from my side.


Today i spent a good time looking at this issue and notice this is a problem that has happened to a lot of people here in the forums. I tried some of the recommendations and unfortunately still not working.


I realize the people work with FLIRC are short staffed and probably with a lot of workload but i have to be honest and since i paid for this and it doesn't seem to work can i get a refund and send this back?



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You need to wait for Jason to respond how to do the refund. In the mean time can you tell what environment are you in when trying to configure Flirc? What kind of lighting? Is there a plasma TV in the room? Those are potential sources of false IR your Flirc might be getting. If you have a laptop could you move to a different room or maybe even outside to check if you are still getting false IR signals?

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Absolutely can, but before you do, try upgrading to 3.1. File->advanced, force firmware upgrade.


Then try again. If it's still the same, it's probably a really noisy source close by. Try turning off the lights or the TV, once they are recorded, it should work fine.

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Here are the details:


Laptop running Windows 7 64-bit machine

TV is a Samsung Series 6 H6400

Remote control is the one that came with the TV

Firware used was 3.1

Lightning in the room is mainly incandescent


I tried turning of the lights, going to different rooms but still the same problem.


Weird behaviors that i noticed

  • If i plug off the power cable in the laptop, the phantom presses stop happening but no matter what key i press it doesn't record anything but when i plug back in it starts recording again the phantom presses.
  • I tried configuring in a desktop computer and i didn't get any phantom presses but unfortunately it doesn't record any of the remote buttons i press except for the power button

I'll wait for a feedback from you today and will try one more time (perhaps with a couple of your suggestions) but i'm not very optimist.


Have a good day and regards.

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First of all it looks to me like you may have some problem with the power supply for your laptop. Those power supplies are using high frequency impulse transformers. If the stabilizer/filter in the PSU is faulty then it may pass the high frequency noise to the laptop over the wire which may be affecting Flirc. The fact that you don't get false IR signals when PSU is unplugged or you connect Flirc into desktop PC would confirm it. Flirc aside I would advise you to check that because this may create other problems with your laptop, even break something. Most laptops are using the same plug and socket so you could test it with a PSU from another laptop (just check if the voltage is the same on the PSU cases - most laptop PSU are using 19V output voltage).


As for the remote you are testing: is it this motion control enabled one? I think it may work like the motion remote for LG - only power button is using IR transmitter, all other buttons, voice commands and motion control is using radio interface (Bluetooth in case of LG, I don't know what is being used in case of Samsung). That won't work with Flirc. If you have some other remote please test it with it.




I've found this tutorial on how to pair the remote with Samsung TV

When the pairing operation is in progress there is a brief moment that a Bluetooth icon appears on the TV which confirms that the remote is probably using Bluetooth to communicate with TV and is not sending any IR signals. You can confirm it by using digital camera (for example in your phone). Just point the remote at the camera and try pressing buttons. Digital cameras are sensitive to infrared so if there is some IR signal you should see bright flashes on the screen.
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