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  1. Hi again. I would like to thank yawor for helping me out with this. Seems like it is working. I had to try different USB ports and also disconnect the power adapter of my laptop, plus a different remote control. Will try and play with it more but I'm much more happy now. Thanks for all the help there.
  2. Here are the details: Laptop running Windows 7 64-bit machine TV is a Samsung Series 6 H6400 Remote control is the one that came with the TV Firware used was 3.1 Lightning in the room is mainly incandescent I tried turning of the lights, going to different rooms but still the same problem. Weird behaviors that i noticed If i plug off the power cable in the laptop, the phantom presses stop happening but no matter what key i press it doesn't record anything but when i plug back in it starts recording again the phantom presses. I tried configuring in a desktop computer and i didn't get any phantom presses but unfortunately it doesn't record any of the remote buttons i press except for the power button I'll wait for a feedback from you today and will try one more time (perhaps with a couple of your suggestions) but i'm not very optimist. Have a good day and regards.
  3. Hi all, Bought FLIRC and got it yesterday. Unfortunately i couldn't configure it yesterday because i kept getting that keys were recorded successfully even though i didn't press any key in my remote. I thought it was probably bad configuration or something wrong from my side. Today i spent a good time looking at this issue and notice this is a problem that has happened to a lot of people here in the forums. I tried some of the recommendations and unfortunately still not working. I realize the people work with FLIRC are short staffed and probably with a lot of workload but i have to be honest and since i paid for this and it doesn't seem to work can i get a refund and send this back? Thanks
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