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Randomly Stopped Working... Sort Of...


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So, as of yesterday. Out of nowhere, my flirc stopped working. I have no updated anything or changed anything. I pressed the button I have programmed on my Harmony remote to wake my HTPC and it worked, but none of the other keys would work, unless I had my remote positioned perfectly. I found one sweet spot in my living room that the flirc seems to like. But siting on the couch or anywhere other than this perfect spot doesn't seem to work. I will try updating the firmware tonight. Besides that, any other suggestions? Thanks.

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maybe there is something else that's interfering, TV, lights, window? You're on fw 3.1?

i doubt anything is interfering. nothing new in the living room to interfere with it. I am not sure about the firmware, I haven't updated it in months since i wasn't have any issues until now. I will update the firmware when i get home from work tonight.

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