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FLIRC on Chromebox developer screen


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I just bought a new FLIRC to use with my dual boot chromebox, running both OPENELEC and ChromeOS.


Once openelec boots, FLIRC works just fine.


The only problem I have is that I would like to use FLIRC to boot into ChromeOs. To do that on a keybord, one should press CTRL+D on the Chromebox developer screen, what works fine when I have a keyboard pluged.


So, I mapped the CTRL+D keys on FLIRC to one of my TV Remote's key, using Windows 8 FLIRC setup program. On windows the CTRL+D is recognized under Flirc setup app. But when I try to use the same key under Chromebox DEVELOPER SCREEN, FLIRC does not seem to be recognized at this moment.


So, did anyone get FLIRC to open on Asus Chromebox developer screen? Any ideas on how to make this work?


Thanks in advance :)



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Hi Jason

Thanks for your help.


I can confirm I have Flirc v1.2.9 on Windows 8 64 bits. And FLIRC firmware version 3.1.

I installed the hui today, and upgrade the firmware before any configurations.


I also confirmed I have "Sequence modifiers" checked, as "Sleep Detection" and "Builtin Profiles", and a "Inter-Key Delay" equals 6.


Even though, no progress on Asus Chromebox developer screen.


Just to add more information, it's known that Logiteck K400 wireless keyboard will not work on this screen as well. So maybe FLIRC has the same issue as this keyboard?




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Had no luck on this.

About the keyboard, I'm a lucky guy which bought the k400 mentioned above, which doesn't work on this screen as well. So the only way to get this working was to have a different keyboard.

Anyway, due to this bug I have erased my ChromeOS and I'm using grub now, with a different OS.

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