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Windows 8 driver installation


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I have been attempting to install drivers for my device and have not been able to get it resolved.  I have tried the Manual Installation which failed saying there is an error.  I have also tried using the Zadig installation process, but they always ends with an error message saying 'Driver installation cancelled by user.' even though I did not cancel.  I have continually made sure that I am running all programs 'as Administrator' and disabled my AV.  Without the driver, I can't update the firmware and I can't program the device.  I have tried all the USB ports on my computer.  Any additional help or advice would be helpful.  I am running Windows 8.1.



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I would love to say it's supported on 8.1, and although it works on my copy, I'm afraid to say there are some pretty consistent problems with it. This is the main one. I have yet an opportunity to look into why. If there is another machine you have, you can do the pairing with your remote, then it should work just fine on 8.1 with your previously paired remote. 

Does that make sense?

I'm really sorry, I just need the time to reproduce it, which I haven't had yet.


Have you tried running the installer or the gui in compatibility mode?

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Write these instructions down!!!


If you are still having problems, along with any Windows 8/8.1 users, it's because the drivers aren't signed. To install these drivers go to:


Settings->Change PC Settings->Update and Recovery->Recovery->Advanced Startup


The PC will restart, from there you will select:


Troubleshooter->Advanced Options->Startup Settings


The PC will restart again, it will prompt you with numbers to select. Select the one that says "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" then when it boots, install Zadig.

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