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"Volume Down" stops working after a while with Harmony 650 & Openelec


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I'm using Openelec on a Raspberry Pi B+ and recently bought a Logitech Harmony to control it. I'm trusting the embedded profile, and it seems to work very well.

After a while though the volume down key or command (and ONLY this one, so far) stops working. Unplugging and replugging the FLIRC doesn't help, only a complete reboot of the RPi will let it work again.

It's not a tremendous hassle but it's somehow distressing. Anyone got any clue on this? Is it a firmware bug?

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My pleasure. I guess we're lucky I'm french and stumbled upon this issue :)


From what I understand, the dongle sends scan codes to the system?

If this is the case, would it be possible the default harmony profile sends ASCII codes whenever possible and scan codes otherwise? That would allow me to use my AZERTY keyboard in its natural layout :)

(Maybe I should file that in feature requests, apologies)

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Hi beublo23,


Flirc doesn't send scan codes. It uses USB HID protocol and sends HID key IDs. I've already described on the forum how you can assign keys from different layouts. The thing is that changing layout doesn't change IDs of the keys so for example Q key on QWERTY layout has the same key ID as A on AZERTY layout. So to assign A on AZERTY you actually need to record button for Q in Flirc GUI. Also using key modifiers (like shift, alt etc) doesn't change key ID so to assign 1 on AZERTY you need to record for Shift + 1 in Flirc GUI.


You can read more here:

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