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Good Evening all,


I am building and configuring my XBMC media center perfecting it in every way to my needs. I have recently come across FLIRC and really excited to use it as I will be ditching my old Sky box and feel the Sky+ Remote would be awesome to control the media center however I have one big issue and that is aesthetics.


I have built a very small Mini-ITX system in a black case: http://static.mini-itx.com/store/images/4215-01L.jpg


Ideally I would like a micro usb ir receiver for the remote. Like the Flirc Mini USB Wifi thats exactly what I would like it look like.


I read a some people have the Flirc on the back of the device but surley thats not great for remote reception? Is there anything else that can be done?




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Mine is behind my television on a wallmount and doesn't skip a bit. It will be absolutely fine behind the computer. I have not made an announcement yet, but there is an option that might be better, although not sure it's going to work with the case you have:




I will be making the announcement in the next day or so, it's a second product made for going inside cases that support internal IR modules.

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