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Hmmm, i've got issue with my Ouya and I thought it was a sensitivity issue, but maybe I'm wrong?   The Ouya I'm using has an ethernet cable plugged in, and an HDMI cable also, and all those are right around/next to the USB jack, so the FLIRC is surrounded by wires.  I've been playing around with turning my OUYA to expose the IR receiver on different sides, but I can't seem to get it to work perfectly.  I just took a USB extension to see if that would help, and it DOES seem to be a little better, but not perfect.  Which side of the FLIRC actually has the IR receiver?  One side is "blank" and the other has a little tiny black "chip" on it.  I assume the black chip side is the one with the receiver?   I'm just trying to get it to set up so that the receiver is pointing towards my remote as much as possible.

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drumst1x the receiver is on the opposite end from the USB connector. You can see a little dark device with two round things sticking out from it (those are the lenses). It points outwards in the direction opposite to the one you plug it in. I also agree with Jason that it has awesome sensitivity. I have my PC in a room next to one I have my TV in and my desk is next to the doors connecting both rooms. My couch is on the opposite side of the wall where my desk with PC is so when I sit in front of TV I don't have a direct line of sight to the PC at all. I also have Flirc on the extender cable (I've used extender that came with Logitech mouse and the cable is very thin) so it is a little closer to the doors. I don't even need to point my remote in the doors direction. It works even if I point the remote at the TV. I've even tested with the doors closed as they have glass elements in them and the sensitivity is only slightly lowered and I need to point remote at the doors for Flirc to work.


IR signal can bounce of the walls but this is highly dependent on the color of the walls and maybe material or paint used. I have white walls everywhere so maybe this makes the Flirc so responsive in my case. You can try to put a white paper sheet or a small mirror behind Ouya to act as a reflective surface for IR signal.

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