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Cannot erase existing key combination

NJ RadioGuy

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Hi all,

I successfully mapped a key combination to the "yellow" key on my remote, but when I thought about it, I figured I'd rather use the "green" key for that function. I tried to erase the yellow key, v2.6 of the firmware said it erased successfully but when I went to re-program yellow with a different key it was still set to the old combination.


I tried re-inserting the dongle 2 or 3 times, re-starting the software and even trying a different PC but there's something seriously not right going on with the firmware. It accepts programming OK but does not erase properly. Any ideas?



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Control+Alt+Shift+X, a custom shortcut to bring up XBMC from the desktop. It should be mapped to both green and yellow, with yellow being the unneeded one. I actually did manage to finally erase it for real, but it took about 2 dozen tries, multiple restarts of the software and moving the dongle between various USB ports. My config is kinda-sorta close to how I want it but still have a few tweaks to make that will involve erasing and reprogramming keys.

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