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Is the FLIRC a solution for me?


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Hi there all the precious forum members


I am looking for a ir receiver for my htpc and want to use my Onkyo universal remote colntroller for all the equipment I have. You can see the remote's link below. And you can see how to program it to control other devices at manual of the AVR (page 82 and later)  




This remote controller has a learning function. I programmed it by teaching the general remote control functions of the other two different cable/sat receivers. And this remote recognize my Sony TV when I entered the specific code. So by this way I can control all my equipment with this remote. 


So now I want to control the basic functions of the pc with the same remote. For example I use foobar for music playback and I want it to open the foobar when hit the music button on the remote. Or using the 4 arrows and play-pause buttons to control the XBMC. Because I use Logitech K400 keyboard for htpc and it is sometimes boring me to use both the controller and keyboard when watching movies. 


It isnt important for me to shut down the pc with one button. I am looking for some basic luxuries both for me and my wife :-)


If anyone can help me about this issue, it will be highly appreciated.


Best Regards








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So how I could I arrange the buttons for this ir receiver.


For example copying the functions of other remote controllers were different. For example you are telling to the Onkyo remote, now you will learn something and when when I touch this button you will repeat it.


But for flirc how will this process made? I am confused about it. When I plug the flirc and start the program of it, how will I arrange this commands? I checked the program for example, when I want to arrange it for WMC, there is a picture with some buttons appear. As I imagine I should have to click one of these buttons then I push the remote controller button that I like to configure for this function. Is this the way that I can configure all buttons?


If it is simple like this I will order flirc right now :-)


Also thanks for your answer :-)

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