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I would like to associate the power button of my remote with an action that will just wake up the screen.


For now :

- I power on the TV, HDMI no connected because screen of HTPC in saving mode

- I press a button to wake the HTPC screen and it shows on TV


What I want :

- Power on the TV and Flirc do a press key that will wake up the screen also.


I know that I could just put any keypress on Flirc but if the screen is already ok, I don't want the HTPC a receive something like "p" ou "t" and change start a search or something else. Is there any keypress that doesn't do much but do wake the screen?

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I thought about that but if I do, if the screen is not off for the HTPC, it could pause or do something else to XBMC.


Is there some other combo buttons I didn't think about?


I would like to pair it with CTRL but it's not possible to just press "CTRL", it has to be with some other key :(

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