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FLIRC works, but after system reboot doesn't work and need to start GUI


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Hello all,


Having a small issue with my FLIRC, not a huge issue but it is slightly annoying.


I'm using my FLIRC to control a headless HTPC that doesn't have a keyboard/mouse.  The HTPC runs Ubuntu 14.04, pretty much stock it only has XBMC, Steam, and a couple emulators installed.  

I'm able to get my FLIRC to work, my remote has been programmed and everything works great.  However if I have to reboot my HTPC the FLIRC does not work or respond to any keypresses on the remote unless I start up the GUI with superuser privelidges and then it works fine again.

Any idea why?  Is there a way to get FLIRC to start on OS startup?



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