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Disabling Wake From Sleep


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Thanks! Just did a quick check with

flirc_util.exe settings

And noticed what your talking about...

    5  33733D53   045  02  next_track
    6  CF881170   130  01  up
    7  2C2DDF24   045  01  up
    8  D1B6D3EB   045  01  left

#6 does seem like the odd one out of the rest of the codes, I tried to delete it with

flirc_util.exe delete_index 6

But it doesn't seem to take effect as running the settings command shows it.

Is there another argument that I should be using or could you please remove it?



Just noticed this one...

12  10A01061   045  01  0

Not sure if that was from you or not, but if not it could likely be removed as well.

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19 minutes ago, thekaptn said:

Hey Jason, was able to kill that mapping using the UI. So far everything seems to be working great! Again, appreciate the assist!

My pleasure. Yeah, looks like I have a bug in the command, so sorry about that.

On my list is a bit of a firmware re-write to bring it up with the remote as well as make the configs human readable JSON. 

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@jason, I noticed over the weekend that things weren't 100%.  When applying the profile you gave it seemed to work because I had every device that was listed in...

powercfg -devicequery wake_armed

...and then disabled it via...

powercfg -devicedisablewake '$DeviceName'

...so when I applied your fix, the keyboard was disabled from waking, so it didn't wake the PC.

However, after enabling it with...

Enable-WakeForDevice -DeviceName $deviceName

...The remote is waking the PC again through the Flirc when it is sleeping. I confirmed the only device listed as wake_armed is my logitech keyboard that is connected via the unifying USB receiver.

Any suggestions on how to only have my logitech keyboard wake the PC?

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