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Really sorry for the GUI bug in the release, but it's safe to say this bug is gone and done. Thank you everyone for your constant support, patience, and help solving this. As most of you know, I have a few friends that help, but I'm primarily a one man show doing this all on the side of a demanding full time job and recent father. So to say the least, the community and constant warm feedback makes all the sleepless night and hard work worth it. Thank you so much everyone.

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I have this same issue and have had it for a while. I take the battery out of the remote to stop it from continually pushing a key, reinsert the battery and try again. As stated in the original post, the remote doesn't continually push a key on the PC until I push any one button on the remote. Sometimes removing and reinserting the battery stops the behaviour after doing that once, but other times it won't stop until the next day. The keys stay pressed on the remote even when the Flirc dongle is not plugged in. Stupid question, but does that rule out the Flirc?  I tried swapping out batteries in the remote and the same issue still happened at the time. 

Have updated the firmware a couple times over the past year and a bit without realising it could possible be a known issue until recently. Have got the latest firmware v3.8.0.

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