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  1. Neither FLIRC will operate correctly. I program the keys from from the remote but they do not appear to take. I try clearing the config and some keys still say "button already exists" when trying to record they key. These being an RC6 style remote require the butto9n to memorized twice, the first press records but the second press does not with the error "button already exists". I've tried different USB ports and different machines with the same results. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Plugging them in to a different PC woke both of them up, thank you. If I have any other problems, I'll let you know
  3. Hello, I've just received my third FLIRC with Firmware 3.6. When I tried to program it it acts like the keys are being programmed but when I tried using it with my remote, none of the keys worked. I am using an Hauppaug 45 button remote. I took the remote to a set already working and confirmed the remote worked with a FLIRC I already have. I then decided to upgrade the working FLIRC (my mistake) and now it does the same thing, acts like it;s programming but nothing happens. Hopefully the two devices can be "unbricked"
  4. I was able to erase keys without any issues at all.
  5. Still working good, AWESOME! I'll upgrade my second one t and test the deletion of keys. Let you know what happens.
  6. Does seem to be smoother, watched two shows, fast forward, rewind and pause/play worked good. I'll let you know what happens
  7. Yup the "dead" one started working again. Yes, it's like an rapid fire, usually multiples of two, I say that because the pause button is almost completely useless. You have to flick the flirc :P multiple times to get it to unpause. Just finished erasing and reprogramming the config on the flirc that came back to life. Will let you know what happens.
  8. Jason, The FLIRC that was on 2.3 started acting wierd then said "Boot Loader detected, can not update firmware, contact support" (wording may not be exact) I took it over to another machine and now the firmware is v3.0. I grabbed the 3.1 FLIRC and erased and reprogrammed it using an old Firefly Mini that I have and it's working again. Dude, gremlins! I want to help you solve the problem because I really like the concept and they worked for me for six weeks flawlessly. If you want we can take this PM. Chris
  9. Sounds good, and BTW, I am not "UTTERLY DISAPPOINTED" I love the functionality and the fact it made two completely useless remotes work because I don't have Hauppague tuner cards in the client machines. Thanks for a wonderful product
  10. The one that is working now is 2.3. I do have another one that is on 3.1, had not tried it again so I just swapped them. Changed Interkey delay from 6 to 3 and unchecked sequence modifiers, it stayed unchecked but the remote appears to be dead so I did a quick swap back, remote working normally. I erased the config on 3.1 and reloaded it, remote still would not work. I tried erasing one button multiple times, software said button erased but when I tried to reprogram it, software said, button already exists. It would appear that the FLIRC on 3.1 is dead :( , anything I can do to confirm that? I don't use them both at the same time yet so it's not a real big deal but I did only just get them about 6 weeks ago or there abouts
  11. I tried 3 with no change in behavior, I changed it to 6 and no change. I reseated the FLIRC and the remote went completely dead. I brought up the learning software and tried pressing keys, nothing on the on screen keyboard lit up. I tried programming a key and it came back with Key already exists. I tried erasing the configuration and reloading it, the remote still acted dead. I tried a different remote, no change, both are Hauppauge 45 RC6 remotes. I then pulled it out and watched a show :) using an old remote and usb reciever I had. I plugged it back in and the remote was working again like it was before, keys getting stuck. I went back and read almost the entire thread here and found the entry about sequnce modifiers, I unchecked it and left the Interkey delay at 6 and everything seems to be working normally. I went back and checked the Interkey delay and set it back to 3 and noted that the sequence modifer was checked again, I unchecked it and looked again. Sequence modifiers was checked again. I left it alone and tested the remote, everything appears to be working properly. Hope this helps in isolating the issue. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know. I will keep you aprised of any changes in the behaviour.
  12. My FLIEC with the 2.3 firmware is doing it now too. It started after a reboot of the machine
  13. Sticking key problem started with me when the firmware updated to 3.1 a few days ago.. I have two, one at 2.3 and the other at 3.1. The one that is at 3.1 just updated a few days ago when I downloaded the latest FLIRC software, 1.2.9 from 1.2.7. I set the interkey delay to 6 and it makes no difference.
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