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Flirc to Raspbmc stopped working


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I have Flirc running firmware 2.4, Harmony Ultimate remote, and RaspBMC.


When I first installed Flirc it worked great for a couple of weeks or so.


Then I started getting the repeating keys issue and every button press would result in to two.


I searched the forums and found a lot of things to try such as modifying the remote to use Repeat = 0, changing the delays, etc.


But after I tried changing it now nothing works.


My remote keys still work in the Flirc configuration program (for example when I press up on the remote the up button the lights up in the configuration progrm).


But now my raspbmc doesn't seem to recognize any remote key presses at all.


Is there something I can do on the raspbmc command line to remove the flirc and start again?

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