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Why FLIRC and not Intelliremote software?


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I have been using Intelliremote software from Melloware alongwith  HP MCE remotes and their IR receivers for last 3 years. The product works superbly, allows different profiles for say XBMC, PowerDVD, VLC and so on. Every button in every profile can be programmed as desired.The profiles are switched by pressing one assigned remote button and the start button on the remote is set to execute the respective profile program. It does everything you can expect from an HTPC remote including triple tap (alphanumeric keys), execute the program with the remote etcetera.


I bought two FLIRC units recently hoping to further better my experience of HTPC remote control, Found it a great device in that it uses any remote in the house,but need help or comments on:

a. How to enable triple tap keys (alphanumeric keys ( I use windows 8.1)

b. Anyway to create different profiles  and remotely execute an application.




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a. this isn't really possible with flirc yet. it can be in a firmware release, but I don't have it planned at the moment.

b. you'll need to use something like event ghost to launch an application with a custom remote command

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Ok. I have noticed while experimenting today that FLIRC works very smoothly. Since what I require is not available yet, I will try a go between:

1 Will let Intelliremote work for just the required numeric buttons, for the Green Start Button and the switch profile button. Will blank out all other commands to avoid duplicity of signals.

2. Will program FLIRC to use all buttons other than those in number 1 above.


Let's see if I get the better points of each in a cohesive whole.

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I have managed to do as stated in my above mail. Now Intelliremote gives me profile switching, triple tap keys for alpha numeric text and remote application execution, while Flirc does the rest of operation commands. Have done it for XBMC, and will try Powerdvd now.


Thanks for help

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