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Minor descrepency


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Firmware: 153 aka fw_wake.bin

Flirc Version 1.0.3

Remote Harmony 885 (Using Samsung profile posted elsewhere)

System Windows 7 x64


No real problem per say but the def value for sensitivity is not correct or the format command is not setting the def sensitivity value correctly.


From the Flirc.exe commandine type

flirc.exe sensitivity 99 (used 99 on purpose so it outputs the info about the specified range/def value)

Output result:

invalid sensitivity specified, range[0-3], def 3

Note the def 3 value.

Now do

flirc.exe format

Once the format is complete do:

flirc.exe sensitivity

Output result:

current sensitivity: 2

Now this can be interpreted two ways, either the def 3 should actualy read def 2, or the format command should be setting the sensitivity to 3 and not 2.

Like I said at the start, not a major problem, but a bug none the less.

Also...just found another bug


flirc.exe sensitivity help (to see if there was any help availible for the sensitivity command)

Output result:

sensitivy set: 0

You must re-learn your remote buttons with every different sensitivity

Thus invalid sensitivity values, result in setting the sensitivity to 0

Expected result.

Either some help info displayed; else the same error result from using flirc.exe sensitivity 99



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thanks so much for your really detailed posts. I'll get to these.

One note, with the sensitivity, you have to plug-unplug your flirc. I should have a print out but I didn't really make that official yet as I will be fine tuning this and adding support via the gui.

Thanks again.

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