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  1. Hi Jason Remote Harmony 885 (Using Samsung profile posted elsewhere) Neal
  2. Firmware: 153 aka fw_wake.bin Flirc Version 1.0.3 Remote Harmony 885 (Using Samsung profile posted elsewhere) System Windows 7 x64 Problem: No real problem per say but the def value for sensitivity is not correct or the format command is not setting the def sensitivity value correctly. Steps: From the Flirc.exe commandine type flirc.exe sensitivity 99 (used 99 on purpose so it outputs the info about the specified range/def value) Output result: invalid sensitivity specified, range[0-3], def 3 Note the def 3 value. Now do flirc.exe format Once the format is complete do: flirc.exe sensitivity Output result: current sensitivity: 2 Now this can be interpreted two ways, either the def 3 should actualy read def 2, or the format command should be setting the sensitivity to 3 and not 2. Like I said at the start, not a major problem, but a bug none the less. Also...just found another bug type: flirc.exe sensitivity help (to see if there was any help availible for the sensitivity command) Output result: sensitivy set: 0 You must re-learn your remote buttons with every different sensitivity Thus invalid sensitivity values, result in setting the sensitivity to 0 Expected result. Either some help info displayed; else the same error result from using flirc.exe sensitivity 99 Regards Neal
  3. Firmware: 153 aka fw_wake.bin Flirc Version 1.0.3 Remote Harmony 885 (Using Samsung profile posted elsewhere) System Windows 7 x64 Problem: Getting "error: no space on device" using Flirc.exe from then commandline Steps: flirc.exe record wake or any other button, only in this case it was the wake key Output result Succesfully recorded button Test the command using the remote, nothing. so usualy I repeat the command flirc.exe record xxxx until i get an output result of: error: button exists Then I know it recorded ok. However doing this today resulted in error: no space on device What it looks like, is that the Flirc is *maybe??* recording a slightly different remote signal every time, thus filling up the internal memory. Attached is my config file, if that's of any use. Thanks Neal nospace.zip
  4. Another option is to adjust the "Keyboard Properties" "Repeat rate" setting. From the Windows 7 Start menu type "keyboard" and select "Keyboard" under the "Control Panel" group In the "Keyboard Properties" dialog that appears adjust the "Repeat delay" & "Repeat rate" sliders until the problem goes away. Note this dialog effects all Keyboard Devices attached not just the Flirc device. You may also experience this problem with Harmony remotes depending on what your "Inter-key Deley" delay is set too. Neal
  5. Attached....Hopefully :)... need to always use the Add to Post?. my_flirc_configbad.zip The 153 firmware version was the fw_wake.bin. I saw that before the official firmware page. Now switched to the official version from here http://blog.flirc.tv/?page_id=46. However I've noticed that the Version 1 firmware also has the record wake command, yet on the page at http://blog.flirc.tv/?page_id=46. you say this is not availible until Firmware 1.1! What is the current status of the sleep issue? My computer will wake from sleep fine using any key via a standard keyboard when entering an S3 sleep state. But I need to use the "special" record wake command with flirc. If I use the following from the commandline powercfg -devicequery wake_from_s3_supported The list does not show either the flirc device or an additional HID Keyboard device (only the HID Keyboard device for the normal keyboard. Another observation is that the Keyboard device for the Flirc has no Power Management tab in Device Settings. So it would look like, currently the Flirc is not registering it self to be an S3 wake supported device. Is this correct? Cheers Neal
  6. Hi, I have a Harmony remote, which has two keys mapped to WinKey+Alt+Enter (Windows Media Center Start/Home) I have tried deleting the combination using Erase in the GUI and the delete command from the CommandLine, Both methods report they succeeded, however the mapping does mot get deleted. Attached is the config file if that is of any use. Using the Samsung Romote profile on a Harmony 885, under Windows 7 Firmware version 153 For the time being I'll just just format the device. ........ Just tested the offending Key combo again after formatting and it deleted it fine this time, so maybe there is something in the coinfig file that may be useful for you. PS.. Would be nice if the user saved config file was a readable xml file with entries for each mapped key, that way with problems like this, we could simply go in and manualy delete the offending xml keys, and then reload the file. Thanks Neal
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