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Flirc + Harmony + Fire TV


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Basically, flirc shows up to the fire tv as a keyboard. So just use the keyboard controller view of my application, pair them with your remote, and you can use it on your amazon.

I don't have any list of shortcuts for the firetv, but it's definitely on my list of stuff to do.

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I'm also new to FLIRC and i'm trying to use it for this same purpose.  I read the wonderful post describing how map the keys in the help section.  I manged to get things coded up but when i went to test it i found that it's pretty much unusable. Most key presses behave very strangely.  Either there are delays in how fast the fire responds, or the key is repeated.  


I didnt have a lot of remotes lying around so i ended yup swiping codes for a Windows Media Center. From the info over in help thread it sounds like he experienced a similar issue and use an Apple TV remote for his directional keys. 


What i think that i'm going to try to do is just choose a remote that i dont have and program that into the harmony and then use the harmony remote to emulate some other remote to program Flirc.  


Has anyone tried that? And does anyone have a suggestion of a remote to emulate that actually works with the Flirc/FireTV that doesn't duplicate key presses?

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I'm in a similar situation as you.  I have a Logitech Harmony 900 RF remote that I use with an IR repeater.  This makes programming the Flirc more difficult as I have to use a computer located close enough to the IR repeater where it can reach the Flirc.  I have an Activity working for the Amazon FireTV on my Logitech Harmony 900 remote, and works fine when you then use the FireTV's remote.  However, I cannot get the buttons mapped correctly on the Harmony 900 remote to work with the FireTV, so I'm also wondering which remote control I should emulate and how I'd go about doing that in Logitech's Harmony software application.  I need to find some way of making the Harmony 900 send RF commands for all of the necessary buttons, which then get converted to IR and sent to the Flirc.

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You should update your harmony software. I was able to locate a build in profile for Flirc. Use xbmc as the model when prompted.

This isn't home free, you would still need to remap with Flirc to match with controls that will work both on fire tv and xbmc. I used the wiki site for key mapping.

The harmony software also has context menu command build in so you don't have to do any of the command line stuff.

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Ada, thank you very much for you help.  I now have it working pretty well.  I believe I needed to update the firmware on the Flirc.  Once I updated from firmware version 2.0 to firmware version 2.6, I was able to get it working.


The only thing left to deal with is that the button clicks are a bit off when using my Logitech Harmony 900 remote with the FireTV and/or XBMC on the FireTV.  Some button presses don't register, and some repeat several times.  Does anyone have experience configuring the Harmony software and/or the Inter-Key Delay setting I see in the Flirc software to get a Harmony remote to work well with a Flirc and a FireTV?

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