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error: no space on device


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Firmware: 153 aka fw_wake.bin

Flirc Version 1.0.3

Remote Harmony 885 (Using Samsung profile posted elsewhere)

System Windows 7 x64


Getting "error: no space on device" using Flirc.exe from then commandline


flirc.exe record wake or any other button, only in this case it was the wake key

Output result

Succesfully recorded button

Test the command using the remote, nothing.

so usualy I repeat the command flirc.exe record xxxx until i get an output result of:

error: button exists

Then I know it recorded ok.

However doing this today resulted in

error: no space on device

What it looks like, is that the Flirc is *maybe??* recording a slightly different remote signal every time, thus filling up the internal memory.

Attached is my config file, if that's of any use.




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I've found this exact same sequence. I've recently changed to an old VCR remote to avoid the RC6 issues, and when recording the new button sequences, I found that one or two buttons wouldn't actually be recorded when the GUI said they were (ie keep recording the same key sequence and it will keep saying that it was recorded ok, but if you tell it to erase the key, it says that it was never recorded). Sometimes, trying again a number of times will finally result in an 'already recorded' message, but if it doesn't then you'll eventually get the "device full" message instead. When that happens, all you can do is erase the flirc and re-record.

I've finally got it working as I want it by

a. recording all the keys I want,

b. saving the configuration,

c. finding out which keys didn't work,

d. erase and reload the config, and try to add the missing keys

e. repeat from b.

All working now, so I won't touch it again for now. :)

Firmware is latest general release (10-04-1022 I think), GUI is 0.96, recording OS is XP, flirc used on an Ubuntu system.

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