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ubuntu not recognizing flirc usb device


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Hi, please could you let me know how you solved this as I have the same problem.


I have recently installed 32 bit ubuntu 14.04 and I downloaded the .zip file for the gui Flirc.zip [v1.2.4] (Linux 32bit / raspii version).

I extracted the .zip file and navigated to /Downloads/release/linux/ and double clicked the 'Flirc' executable file. This loaded the GUI, but neither the GUI nor my computer will recognise the Flirc usb dongle.


I initially thought I have a broken dongle, but your post gives me hope. Please let me know what worked for you.




OK, so I found the solution to my problem, which results from being a linux noob.

As the apt-get repository is broken, the file neede to be downloaded from the .zip and opened as root.

This is where I went wrong.


To open as root i needed to type into the terminal (ctrl alt t):


cd ~/Downloads/release/linux/

sudo ./Flirc


Then it found the usb and setting up was easy. Hope this helps some other noobs ;-)

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