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  1. iv download the app for openelec xbmc works flawlessly!!!!! id wish that was advertised a bit more on your web site, but one more thing do you know why one for all remotes are so slow and laggy compared to a tv remote? thanks for your help
  2. im using a laptop with track pad, windows says its installed and ready to use. im going to install linux on my htpc and do from there shall let you know, thanks
  3. sorry but i tried the following steps, restore windows and turned off all av software then re-installed flirc gui software and finally inserted flirc usb device and straight away mouse became inactive.
  4. yh i have gathered that the software is clean because it happens with no software installed at all but i will take your provided steps and ill get back you, thankyou
  5. windows says that flirc device is ready to use but the only way to get my pc functioning normally again is to remove the device.
  6. ok iv restored windows back to pre gui install and all is back to normal, but i simply inserted flirc device into the usb port (with no gui software installed) and windows has said drivers installed successfully but the exact same thing happened. Mouse ability was barely working and keyboard was very hard to function properly. So its not the software after all its just the flirc device itself causing problems, any advice on what to do? i have windows 7 service pack 1
  7. ok thanks for the assistance, i really want to use the flirc device seems pretty good i am going to reinstall the software again tomorrow. i will contact you through this thread cheers
  8. that sounds like it in, normal mode it was hard to type properly and desktop kept on flipping on its side wtf????
  9. havnt got a clue ever since i downloaded the software windows became glitchy and mouse became inactive and crashed, im now runnig in safemode and running virus scanners. not saying it came from software but iv never had this before
  10. ok done that but still isn't working and I am now having SERIOUS ISSUES with the whole of my pc!!!!!!!
  11. yes it says that the device is connected on the gui and when i hit go a box appears and states that the button already exists and gives me three options, but i never pressed any buttons to start with.
  12. hello all i have downloaded a windows 64 bit software for my newly purchased flirc device. Unfortunately it is not pairing up any of my remote controls button presses, i have used 4 remotes but none of them are being picked up by either the software or the device itself any help will be appreciated, thanks
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