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firmware -16.-16 and unable to update


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I have been having a couple of problems with my flirc so thought I would do a firmware update to see if it would fix it.


I installed the latest version of the the software (1.2.3) and noticed that the firmware at the bottom left states rmware v-16.-1.


The software does not try to update firmware automatically when started and when I force the update via advanced->Force FW Upgrade it states that the firmware is -16.-16.




When the firmware update starts the program says Firmware being upgraded, please wait... and then the program stops responding and no matter how long i leave it nothing happens.


Any ideas of what I can do?


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Nope not at all yet, still looking for a solution if you find one.

actually here's what worked for me. It seems that if I installed the flirc software and dongle on a different pc all together it worked. The flic GUI was able to identify the correct firmware and allowed me to program the keys

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This is happening to me.  I'm using Flirc 1.2.6 ... as soon as I "force firmware" the program immediately goes to "Not Responding" and I have to manually close it (even if I let it sit hours).


I have tried the zadig utility as well to update the drive, same issue after driver update.  As there any other ways to update the firmware, I'm trying to get the Harmony profile working and I think I can only get that with this beta.

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