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Flirc downgrade to stable version


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I'd like to ask how to downgrade flirc to stable version 1.x? All links here are dead and I can't download older firmware. Currently I'm using beta fw 2.4 and I'm not satisfied (mainly because of fantom keys). May I ask for instructions how to get back to stable fw and working links or how to get rid of fantom keys and endless repeats. It's annoying.


Thanks in advance.


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fire up the commandline and show all the keys:


flirc_util settings


Any duplicate keys, remove as suspected noise:


flirc_util delete_index 'index number'


Where index number is the number shown in flirc_util settings next to the key.

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the only duplicate I see is the 'i'. I can't remove that just yet until I get home.

Why did you enable the XBMC profile, and record keys? Basically, the xbmc profile on the flirc is matched with the one in harmony one such that you need no additional pairing. Have you tried disabling built in profiles in advanced?

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Hello Jason,

Sorry for delay (timezone). I'm from Europe;-)

I have cleared all configuration in Flirc. I start over with 2.4 FW with options: Builtin profiles, Noise canceller.

 No changes with default profile to Harmony 650 (from www.myharmony.com). I didn't configure any buttons with flirc software. Is it correct? What else would you suggest?


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Yes, just make sure built in profiles is enabled, and you can use your harmony without any change in flirc. Let me know if that helps.


If there are any keys that need changing, you can map over them. Do you remember which keys were causing noise?




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Unfortunately this configuration doesn't work properly. Let me sum up:

- "clear" Flirc (empty conf file) .Builtin profile & noise canceller enabled. FW2.4

- default profile Flirc XBMC taken from myharmony.com


I didn't touch anything exept above. no key mapping etc.


Still the same issues - fantom keys and endless repeats


Any suggestions? I'm running out of ideas;-)


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Hi Jason,

Tel me how to create syntax in order to delete one of keys.

I'm trying like that:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc>flirc_util.exe delete_index'16'
[E] run_cmds(248): could not find command 'delete_index'16'

It doesn't work. Here is my flirc_util settings:

flirc_util version v1.2.3 [v1.2.3]
  Firmware: v2.4

  sleep detection:  Disabled
  noise canceler:   Enabled
  inter-key delay:  3
  state:            0
  builtin profiles: Disable

Memory Info:
  keys recorded:  32
  keys remaining: 137
  memory used:   23%

Recorded Keys:
Index  hash        key
-----  ---------   ---
    0  65F8450    1
    1  25D2475F    2
    2  46EB8450    3
    3  A562485F    4
    4  C662485F    5
    5  655E485F    6
    6  8687D952    7
    7  2513AF61    8
    8  4613AF61    9
    9  E55E8450    0
   10  460CD99A    up
   11  65BF9B4B    down
   12  86B71F14    left
   13  25B31F14    right
   14  86BF9B4B    return
   15  46AB894B    backspace
   16  65B71F14    i
   17  6708498    -
   18  E5261F14    =
   19  257BC215    t
   20  6576B811    p
   21  869FAF61    space
   22  6FF9C61    x
   23  C633C63C    r
   24  A5FA9C61    f
   25  C6E38398    ,
   26  A5E38398    .
   27  6484D90    /
   28  A5120D14    pageup
   29  C64B9C4B    pagedown
   30  E5474D90    w
   31  C6948ADF    c

I want to remove line 16 ("info" button from my harmony). This button doesn't work. Nothing happens when I press it. When I assign "Info" button with flirc software there two info buttons (I dont know why). There is some conflict between default flirc xbmc from my harmony and builtin profile from Flirc.

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