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Flirc won't wake up computer from sleep in Windows 8


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I think I've elimintated all other possible possible problems:

1. Wake computer from USB (S3) is enabled in BIOS
2. Sleep state computer is entering is not below S3.
3. I can wake up my computer using keyboard or mouse that are also plugged into USB ports

So, I presume I am hitting a dead end since Flirc's driver doesn't support power management? Or is there anything I can do?

I'm using GUI 1.2.2 and I've updated firmware to 2.3.

Thanks in advance for any help - I would really love if this was possible to do - if I need to install custom driver or anything like that, let me know.


EDIT: I also have a bluetooth keyboard connected, and it suffers from the same problem - it's not able to wake up computer. It also has no power management tab when I bring up device driver from device manager. So, it's definitely driver issue... it is possible that I solve this with custom libusbK driver?

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1. In the advanced configuration, enable sleep detect.

2. Record the wake key in the keyboard controller view

3. (optional) In the latest release, there are media center keys, try recording the suspend/wake key




#3 doesn't work (it only suspends the computer)... but since #2 solves my problem - I don't care as much as I have my computer going to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity.


Thanks for taking time to help me solve the problem - I'll pass on the solution if stumble upon same question.

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