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Xbox One Media Remote - Can record buttons, but not use them?!


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Hi guys,


I finally found the remote I want to use with Flirc: Small, good looking and functionally - the xbox one media remote.


I does not yet work.


I can record buttons within Flirc, but once I'm done and I press the buttons, nothing happens, neither in Flirc, where the paired buttons should highlight, nor in XBMC, where just nothing happens.


Any idea what going wrong there?


I'm on the latest firmware...



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Were these remotes programmed in the same environment?  meaning, did you program them both into the Flirc in the same room, at the same time?


What it sounds like could be a possibility is that the Flirc is getting some random IR signal from an unknown source when you're trying to program the XBONE remote into it.  Maybe try programming your Flirc in a dark room.



  • Another thing to try after we rule out unwelcome IR sources

Have you tried programming each button multiple times?  I know some remotes send alternating codes per subsequent button presses, so I wonder if maybe this one sends out more than two different codes per button.





It just seems impossible that the, known functioning, Flirc could recognize and store individual codes from your remote and then completely ignore them. So the above are two very common symptoms that both fit your issue.   :angry:

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Given that the OP in returned with any issues, I'm more certain that my above questions should hit this nail on the head.





First, excuse me for my poor english :/


I use windows 8.1, flirc 1.2.2 and firmware 2.0 and any problem for xbox one media remote.

I'm thinking that there is an issue with programming on Windows 8, but not with use of a programmed Flirc.   Also, I'm unsure what your question is.




BTW, I moved this to the Remote Controls section.  Thinking of cleaning up that section and creating subsections for different remotes. Thinking of doing it anyway.   :P

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