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  1. Hi guys, I just can't figure it out. I own a mainboard which lets me power up via USB, also from a completely turned off state. I just have to press any key on, say a wireless Logitech Keyboard. Somehow I can't get that same thing working with my Xbox One Media Remote & Flirc, although it should be the same thing? Is there anything special I need to map to one of the keys on the remote? Greets and thanks in advance for help!
  2. Yep, the Apple remote works flawlessly. Well, besides having to little buttons ;)
  3. Hi guys, I finally found the remote I want to use with Flirc: Small, good looking and functionally - the xbox one media remote. BUT: I does not yet work. I can record buttons within Flirc, but once I'm done and I press the buttons, nothing happens, neither in Flirc, where the paired buttons should highlight, nor in XBMC, where just nothing happens. Any idea what going wrong there? I'm on the latest firmware... greets
  4. Should work the beta Flirc Software rc4 (downloadable here in the forum). Advanced settings - interkey delay set to 0. But it doesn't work for me, so it would be cool if you could check!
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