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Hi all,


Is there only one version of the actual flirc USB device, or are there different versions?

If there are different versions available, which is the latest and how are you able to tell which version it is?


There reason I am asking is that I can obtain a flirc device locally, but I am not sure if it could be an old obsolete version.





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Hi Jason,


I found it at www.procsum.co.za


How would I know if the one's that they stock suffer from the problem with the bootloader?

Is there something that can be checked physically on the device?



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He's got the latest. He's an authorized distributor and I recently sent him new devices. Look inside the device, on the processor, you'll see a silk screened number. This tells me what version the factory flashed. 

If there are any problems, you'll be able to return it, or I'll get it replaced, don't worry. Part of fun doing this alone is that I get to make all the rules, and they are all awesome rules.

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