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I just got my flirc today, and I already love it and it's worked right out of the gate. But I'm having issues with quick presses. If I hit an arrow key too quick, it seems to scroll a whole page, but I want every button press to be just one key press. I have to wait nearly a second between presses for it to not do a page scroll. Is there a fix for this?

I'm using xbmc (pre-eden XBMCbuntu) with a Harmony 900, programmed on a win 7 machine. The Harmony is programmed as a Panasonic TC-P65VT30 per eskro's suggestion.

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Yes, there should be a configuration in your harmony software to change a delay for successive button presses. I actually haven't found this myself (nor have I really looked), but others on the forum have mentioned this. Maybe someone will chime in, or if you do find it, could you post back a screenshot or where it is? I'm sure this would help a lot of people.

Just increase that delay to 200ms.

Thanks for the good feedback, and let me know.

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Try experimenting with that delay, between 100ms - 200ms.

Yes, 200ms will limit you to about 5 button presses a second, and if you click faster than every 200ms, the second press would be ignored. Every remote works differently, and I had to make an assumption that no person would really press a button faster than 6 times a second. ~166ms. I believe I gave it wiggle room and stuck it around 140 ms.

Try playing with it, I'm sure you will find a happy spot. Let me know.

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I did have the same problem. I played around with a lot of different devices and for my Harmony 1100 i find the "Sky PVR (HD)" is the best.

With this device for my harmony i can click twice or more without the scrolling-effect. (I think i got the delay set to


Hope this will help you out!

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I was having these issues as well, and I thought I'd post my solution.

I'm using the Samsung LN46C650L1F manufacturer, and I have 0ms for my inter-key delay in the Harmony Remote Software. I am also using an IR repeater, which probably exasperated my problem.

Even after using these tweaks that this community recommended, I was still having major issues with keys getting "stuck". I would press the down arrow twice, and it would scroll sometimes for 5-10 seconds. The final fix was to change a deep menu in the software, which I got from the user nooz over at the XBMC forums on this post.

Fixed the issue of double inputs by decreasing the "number of repeats" (now nameless) under Device > Troubleshoot > Device responds to some commands either too many times or only occasionally.

I changed it from 3 to 1 and the problem has now gone away.

I hope this helps someone else, since I've spent a number of hours tweaking this like crazy!

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