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  1. I'm getting the same issue. Can't clear buttons, can't reprogram some, and some that worked before no longer work which means my remote is unusable currently.
  2. Another possibly unrelated thing to note. If I use the power button to suspend my pc (and the power settings tell the pc to suspend, not hibernate or anything else), I can use the flirc to wake it up on stock 1.0 firmware using an assigned button. If I suspend through XBMC (shutdown -> suspend), the flirc won't wake it up at all (using 1.0 fw).
  3. Did a limited amount of testing tonight. Upgraded to fw_wake_v5. Wake key works fine, and every time. Button assigned to the space bar also wakes up computer. There were also instances where the computer would wake up as soon as it would go to sleep. (for example, I press the sleep button - the power button on my pc - and about 5 seconds after everything shuts down, computer starts up again). After I was getting instant wake ups, I turned off all the lights in the room and put it to sleep. As soon as I turn on a light, the pc would start up. Following more testing, I could get it to wake up for pretty much anything. Any button on the remote would work (assigned or not). Small amounts of light didn't, but the screen of my phone did. Unplugging the flirc, and then putting it to sleep, the pc would only wake up with a keyboard press (no random wake ups). Interesting twist, I reset the firmware back to stable 1.0 and could still wake the pc with button presses (light didn't work). Cleared the config, and it stopped working. Assigned buttons, and every button that was assigned would wake the pc.This was still on stock 1.0. I have not tested all this on any other pc, but will try to some time this weekend.
  4. So, the pc went the whole day without an inadvertent wake up. I'm now going to put the latest wake up firmware on the flirc try to see if I can get it to turn randomly. I'll let you know of my progress.
  5. "updated" to fw 1.0 yesterday afternoon and haven't had a random wake up yet. I have even used the remote (harmony 900) to work other devices. I can check throughout the day, but previously the pc would wake up some time in the night and it hasn't yet.
  6. will do. I'll give it a couple of days to get a full range of testing.
  7. I have not done extensive testing, but have noticed that my pc will randomly wake up when i have the flirc receiver plugged in. It does not happen when I unplug it. OS: Windows 7 32bit FW: Wake up keys v4
  8. 200ms didn't really do much, it just made it seem slower. 0ms does help, and I can press the buttons faster, but if I do a double press, it still does a page. I'm wondering if it's in the software, but double pressing a key on the keyboard doesn't have that same effect.
  9. I've found the setting the Harmony software, and then I found () which says to set the delay to 0. I'll play around with it a bit and see what works best and let you know. default was 100 btw.
  10. I just got my flirc today, and I already love it and it's worked right out of the gate. But I'm having issues with quick presses. If I hit an arrow key too quick, it seems to scroll a whole page, but I want every button press to be just one key press. I have to wait nearly a second between presses for it to not do a page scroll. Is there a fix for this? I'm using xbmc (pre-eden XBMCbuntu) with a Harmony 900, programmed on a win 7 machine. The Harmony is programmed as a Panasonic TC-P65VT30 per eskro's suggestion.
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