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Can't update firmware.


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So I finally got things straightened out with logitech and thought I was finally in a position to actually use my flirc... seems I was wrong.


I went to map my keys today but nothing was taking, so I tried a firmware update.  When I hit "force fw upgrade" in the advanced page in the configuration tool it reports that my current firmware version is -16,-16 and that the latest is 2.3.  I push "yes" to complete the upgrade, it appears to start and then it hangs.  And hangs.  And hangs.  I've repeated the process no less than a dozen times and have even tried rebooting (windows 8 x64).  The device is detected correctly in device manager so I don't imagine drivers are an issue. 


Any advice?

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Try this:




** EDIT ** 


you have an old driver, the installer doesn't do a good job of replacing the old driver, and I don't know why. Following the instructions, you'll force the update of the driver, and everything should be good. The -16.-16 is because that request to the device doesn't work because the old winusb driver is restricting commands.

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