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Switch activity using color wheel buttons


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* I'm in activity A now (watching Bluray from HDMI1 input).
* I want to switch to activity B (watching cable TV from HDMI input2).
* I press red button. Remote will send command to switch to HDMI2.
* TV is showing content from cable TV.

When I press navigation buttons, there's no response because remote is still in activity A mode.

I want to add switching activity command after switching HDMI command.
Any idea if it's possible now?

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Not right now. Currently the only way to switch activity is by hitting the activity buttons. We do plan on eventually supporting state awareness and sending commands based on state (so if you turned on the TV and are on HDMI1 and just want to switch to HDMI 2 for activity B, we'd only send the HDMI input button), but that's not available yet. It'll also likely be done with the activity buttons, not others on the remote.

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